La Piemontesa franchise is a business concept based on Italian cuisine restaurants of quality, easy management and high profitability. It was arranged in the market, at the beginning of 2012, with 8 restaurants in areas of Catalonia, Levante and Andalusia.

Born of the initiative of its founders, with the perseveration of having managed to improve the pro-duct, facilitate the management and optimize the profitability of a business concept, already deve-loped and tested, in more than 20 years of experience in the division of Italian restoration and its extensive experience in franchising.

We recommend our business concept which you will find very profitable, but also easy to manage, so you will be able to manage it directly as if you are the investor.


The restaurants

Our restaurants are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, specifically designed to make our customers feel that they are in a corner of their own home. We want the customer expe-rience to be fabulous, to encourage their sincerity and in hopes they will recommend new custo-mers.

The restaurants have different service areas, such as a bar, pizza station and kitchen which have been thoroughly studied for better use of space and have had increased business productivity. The setting can be designed according to the customs and traditions of the area.

In our menu we have attached recipes from the kitchen of Piedmont, Mediterranean cui-sine and some of the Fiorentina cuisines, where we have faithfully followed the customs and knowledge of each of the areas, using traditional products of the highest quality.


Franchise support

In La Piemontesa, we know that support for the franchisee is very important for growth within the franchise. Therefore, we offer our franchisees support in the following ways:

Exclusive manufacture of all essential products that make up our menu, being a large portion of the ingredients manufactured professionally. All of the ingredients on the menu, are supervised by the EEC and health standards in the country.

Thanks to our fleet of refrigerated trucks and adequate logistics, which enable us to ensure that all products arrive in perfect quality and conservation, confirming that all of the products are main-tained refrigerated for their freshness.

A distribution center where we supply all of the products that the restaurant needs for its daily op-eration, not accounting for cleaning products, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables.

The restaurant management computer system will facilitate the daily operation of taking food or-ders, check printing, billing and order fulfillment.


Successful cases

Already more than 20 franchises implanted throughout Spain that are working efficiently and profi-tably. Here are some examples:


Requesting information

If you are interested in setting up your own franchise, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions: You can contact us through the following form, soon you will receive a response on our part.


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