The flavor of la piemontesa
a gastronomic experience

La Piemontesa is a synonym with quality. A quality you will appreciate with the aroma, taste and texture of our recipes. All of our recipes with 100% Italian origins, that preserved the original and traditional touch that makes them unique. La Piemontesa has unparalleled exquisite taste and aroma, which brings us closer to the exciting world of Italian gastronomy, heiress of long traditions.

Our continuous innovation, the best selection of Italian ingredients and the high quality of our raw materials, make of our kitchen an authentic gastronomic experience. All with one goal: to meet and to exceed your expectations.

We are committed to the tradition; all of our dishes are prepared by hand and cooked on the spot with fresh and natural ingredients. All of our techniques and experience are at the service of the highest Italian quality.

Today you are going to eat well!


A unique decor

In la Piemontesa we take care of all of the details, even those that are not perceived. Our restaurants offer much more than a dining experience; they provide a setting in which you can taste other flavors and an interior design that transports diners to another culture. A place where you can enjoy a warm and friendly environment.

The perfect union that forms our specialized cuisine and our interior decor is our reason for being and one the restaurants La Piemontesa insignias. The furniture, the interior design... all of the elements are in tune with our recipes to give you a feeling as you do in your own House.


We enjoy our work

La Piemontesa was born as a result to out passion for mediterranean cuisine. Our staff and the presentation of our dishes are accompanied by exclusive, highest quality cuisine and has a clear purpose and effect: your satisfaction and loyalty.

We enjoy our work. La Piemontesa group consists of a team of catering professionals who are passionate about dealing with customer satisfaction and strive to appease your requests and needs.


Our history

With over 30 years of experience in the sector of Italian gastronomy and after having revolutionized the market of this country. Our founding team, still innovating and creating this great project: La Piemontesa.

This team creates an high quality Italian restaurant that includes, in a same menu, recipes from Piedmont, Mediterranean cuisine and dishes from Fiorentina. A menu prepared with fresh products and proposing a variety of flavors; offering the possibility of choosing more than 400 different com-binations without repeating any dish.

Our restaurants stand out for having managed to faithfully follow the customs and know-how of each one of the areas of cuisine offered, using local products of the highest quality. Top quality products are the essential ingredient of all our dishes.

In La Piemontesa we can boast of having a craft bakery of fresh pasta where we produce pasta following the traditional Italian recipes. Our pasta, made with semolina, is more digestible, natural and contains no dyes or artificial preservatives. In our workshop we prepare our dishes with love and the best raw ingredients.

In our menu you will find a great variety of dishes; starters, risottos, meat, pizzas and delicious desserts. The risottos, varieties of meats and casseroles are cooked in the oven's grill that magnify its taste and fragrance. Our pizzas are perfected in our traditional fire wood oven.



About Us

01. A gastronomic experienc

02. A unique decor

03. We enjoy our work

04. Our history

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