A new restaurant in Barcelona!

10 August 2016 | Inaugurations
La Piemontesa is revving up to open a new restaurant in Barcelona in a few weeks. It will be located in the district of Sant Martí, a place where restored buildings with designer offices and unique buildings coexist, such as the Agbar Tower or the MediaTIC building. The restaurant will be located in front of the popular Les Glories shopping centre

The restaurant will be open during the entire year, maintaining its essence based on the cuisine of Piedmont, the Mediterranean and Fiorentina. Concerning the decor, it will remain a restaurant full of small and cozy corners to enjoy a warm, typically Italian atmosphere.

After this opening La Piemontesa Franchising will have three high cuisine Italian restaurants in Barcelona, La Piemontesa on the street of Enrique Granados, 60, La Casa Bianca on the street of Muntaner, 239 and the new opening in the Sant Martí District.

These are some hints about the new restaurant La Piemontesa Barcelona.
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We leave you with the interview that Alimarket did with Edgar Sarabia, director of the expansion of La Piemontesa, a chain that in 2017 starts an important development plan.

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