Interview from catalunya radio with juan manuel chacón

06 April 2016 | Media and Press
The radio program "Catalunya Daily Lleida" of Catalunya Radio interviewed Juan Manuel Chacon, founder of the restaurants La Piemontesa and the new concept of Pani & Pasta.

Chacon said that the new factory is located in Lleida, since the origins are of the first settlement dates back to Trastevere, which will be launched before April 2016.

The new factory, which has a size of 7000m2 approximately, will continue to manufacture products for restaurants and continue to work as a purchasing center.

The factory at full capacity will employ nearly a hundred workers.

The secret of success of restaurants La Piemontesa, is taking a chance on product quality and customer service with a familial decor, friendly and cozy restaurants.

The actual manufacture of the product ensures the desired quality that it can offer to its customers in restaurants.

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We leave you with the interview that Alimarket did with Edgar Sarabia, director of the expansion of La Piemontesa, a chain that in 2017 starts an important development plan.

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