We keep growing, this time digitally

20 July 2016 | Events

If there is an adjective that describes La Piemontesa, that is innovation. At Piemontesa we are restless, continually we seek new ways to actualize and improve customer experience. This time not only in the restaurant, but also on our website.

And just like the pizza that is cooked on our homepage, slowly and artesanally, we have created a new website with a good foundation and the best ingredients. A foundation with a path and desire to thrive which is a main ingredient to grow digitally. Because the digital world is like cooking, new flavors have to be researched, combinations and presentations to surprise diners.

For us, our customers come first and with that our new website has a specific design for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, so that the navigation of each user is comfortable and intuitive.We want to keep our website similarities with our restaurants; be a space of enjoyment in which users can spend a pleasant time.

This is a site with two very distinct parts; a section dedicated for our customers and a part intended for our new franchisees. Want to know more about each section? Keep reading!

Geolocalize me!
For our clientele we included a feature that allows them to discover the restaurant  which is closest to them by geolocation technology. When providing with their location which is enabled on their device, our customers can know where their closest favorite Italian restaurant is located with a with a single click! Try it now! You can also find our restaurants on the map or to search by postal code. Our goal is that our clientele can very quickly access basic information about our restaurants.

Our Menu
A delicious selection of our photographed platters will build up your appetite and show you our menu in detail. A tour of our selection of Italian breads, entrees and salads to reach our pasta, risotto, meat and fish, land for the finale leaving a fine selection of Italian desserts.

La Piemontesa, at the base of the mountains
Did you know that this is the origin of our name? In the About Us section you will find interesting stories and facts about our history, from our beginnings to the present.

A space for new franchisees in the business concept of Franchising La Piemontesa explained; an  easy business management and optimal performance based on high-quality Italian cuisine.

In the new website our clientele will also find a section that will update them on all the news from La Piemontesa and news concerning our industry, as well as a an zone for you to contact us quickly and simply.

The same spirit of innovation and continuous update that makes us update our menu regularly, has made us also recreate the website. For us, our customers come first and we want to have a closer relationship, be more accessible, and more connected. Do you want to join us? We extend our invitation to you to visit our new website www.lapiemontesa.com and give us your opinion in our social networks.

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